The eyes of your cat

Your cat has many attractive features. But neither walk gracefully or have a silky hair can be compared with his eyes.

And they are not just objects to admire its beauty. The eye is made with the most accurate so that the cat can protect and survive machinery. Your sense of sight is fully adapted to chase and hunt. Their sense of smell is acute, but his eyes are more powerful.

To begin with, the size of their eyes is so big that if you were to compare with a human eye, this would be 8 “in diameter. It would cover almost half of your face. And this has its purpose, the cornea of ​​size so large allows more light into the eye for better vision in an animal not as well designed to have eyes so prominent would be easy prey, but the cat’s eyes are placed deep inside his head and forehead on his face;. I find it difficult continue to look very long strokes, but helps keep staring and safe until the time to act having the ability to calculate the distance between them and their prey arrives.

Excellent night vision: It’s hard to beat a cat at night. This is because the eye of the cat comes equipped with a layer of cells behind the retina that distinguishes the light and is called tapetum lucidum that doubles its ability to discover objects or animals in the dark. It is the tapetum lucidum which makes the cat’s eyes appear automobile lights at night. While we humans reflect the color red being in a dark room and suddenly enters light (like when you take a picture at night using the camera flash), the cat reflects a golden light.

All this suggests that the cat has perfect vision, but it is not. His vision is very blurred closely and find it difficult to see objects near your face.

For protection and cleaning: It has the nictitating membrane or third eyelid. This is not unique cat, dog and other animals also have it. It is a protective layer remains on the inner corner of the eye and its function is to clean, lubricate and protect the eye. Healthy cat does not blink his eyes a lot and easily dry out, the membrane covering the eye to lubricate and clean dust or particles that fall into the cornea. How does? If the cat has to cross dense areas of plants, branches or even a closet full of clothes, almost completely shut his eyes and the membrane is activated to prevent accidents.

They come in variety of colors: The color of his eyes is the result of pigment in the iris and is genetically related to the color of her hair. The most common colors include green, yellow-green and yellow but also look blue or copper-colored eyes. Although not happen with all genetic characteristic cat with blue eyes is that they tend to be deaf. Similarly if the cat is born with one blue eye and one green or yellow it is likely to be dull side of his blue eye.