The importance of vaccinating your cat

For the first time to snuggle your new kitten and feel your ronrroneo, it seems impossible to think that may be incubating a disease that will shorten your life newcomer. But today, thanks to the invention of the vaccine, millions of cats enjoy almost complete protection against debilitating or fatal diseases. In the past two decades, scientists have developed vaccines to immunize cats babies and adults against deadly diseases such as panleukopenia, feline herpesvirus and the Feline Leukemia virus.

Veterinarians recommend that kittens, starting his series of vaccines at their 8 weeks old. Treatment usually consists of two to four shots the first months ending with a booster at their first birthday.

It is also recommended that all kittens are vaccinated against rabies between 4 and 6 months old, with reinforcements each to 3 years depending on the vaccine used.

Like any baby, your kitten is at its greatest development during their first months of life. Its cells multiply faster so that makes them easy for diseases to develop within your body prey. The first vaccinations your kitten known as FVRCP, a combination against the following diseases

There is controversy surrounding this vaccine. Do not be persuaded by rumors and panic. Consult your veterinarian is the best way to address the situation. A healthy cat will live their lives very happy in September.