The mother cat behavior before, during and after the kittens

Like every mother, your cat has changes in behavior depending on the stage that is living. Although some will seem strange, nature trusts and feline instinct mother cat. But knowing when the behavior is normal for the stage or sign that you need medical care is also important. Learn about both.

During their pregnancy: the cat is changing their habits in preparation for the event (childbirth, of course). The last two weeks of gestation serve to search for the ideal to give birth and change your attitude to one of “serious and organized mother” instead. At this time almost mother needs; • Eating more frequently, especially with food for kittens. This is rich in protein and calcium. • Sleeping more than usual. The girl needs to save energy

Their behavior may vary to act in the opposite way than usual; • If the cat has always been a loving, these days may prefer solitude.

It is very important that this time keep indoors all the time. Fix up an area in your house (preferably with door) with boxes and blankets, their food and water dishes in addition to their sandbox. So you prevent the mother will bring kittens in your bed or under the couch.

Mother cat: The first three weeks after birth are crucial for the development of the kittens and mother cat will dedicate 24 hours a day to feed, clean and care. As the kittens are born blind and deaf are very fragile and need your help constantly. His behavior during these weeks will surely be one attentive and nervous. In recent weeks the cat will look different places to place their babies. This makes to protect them from predators (in this case it’s you) and means you are very anxious.

To prevent anxiety worry, keep visits to a minimum. It is tempting to go and see the kittens, but the cat on their survival instincts, can see it as a threat and defend their kids as best you can. No matter if your cat has been for long time and has always been affectionate. Now it’s mother and does not want intruders playing with their little … at least for now.

NOTE: If the cat is new mother or was separated from his mother too early behavior may be even more aggressive. Proceed with caution. If notes are not feeding kittens as it should, very calmly, place them near her tits to make him understand the cat kittens have to eat. Often this trick is all that is needed. But if the mother refuses perhaps is letting you know that is not in good health and can not feed her kittens. He takes the cat to the vet immediately.

Kittens need to be fed by bottle.

Watchful Mom: During the 3 and 6 weeks old, mother cat is beginning to wean the kittens. Now lets explore a bit, but keeps guard up.

• If mother cat trusts you, allow you to play with babies. NOT all day, but more often. Studies have shown that kittens bred with human affection from an early age are more affectionate.

• If the cat is realenga or street and simply’re helping, look at the kittens at a distance. Wait until the cat comfortable having you sit close before acting.

NOTE: This is a good time to sterilize mother cat. The main reason is because your body is ready for a new period in heat and return to the vicious circle.

Teacher Mom: Kittens are 6 weeks. Time to learn to be a cat. Now the work of mother cat is to be a teacher and police;. • The first is dedicated to teach them to hunt, using the litter box and take a shower. • The second comes into play when the game between Pussycats becomes very intense. A meow or a soft bite on the neck is a sign that the kitten has to calm down.

Mom is again only cat: After the kittens leave home and are adopted, the cat goes through an interesting change process. The first days after their separation the cat becomes nervous, looking for their kids in known locations.

But the sadness does not last long. While the cat emerges from its responsibility as a mother and again the cat who always knew. As if by magic, the cat back to sleep with you in bed and eat their normal hours.

Mom cat forever? A curious fact: I’m sure this does not happen with all cats, especially those that live in colonies of cats where the dividing line between mother and son disappears when the cat reaches maturity, but speak from experience as guardian of cats at home . If you decide to stay with one or more of the kittens litter, the mother cat back to its previous behavior, but always keeping their hierarchical position as mother cats.

New cats become adults but it is fascinating to watch, to play very rough, mom cat interrupts the game and with a gentle bite on the neck scolds cat and calm the situation or stops on its way to lick the dirty area that brings on the side. Some mothers never forget.