The nose of your cat

When you look at what insurance you notice are her eyes and huge ears. His nose is simply a small triangle in the middle of his face. But make no mistake, this triangle is 14 times more powerful than your nose. Still the dog wins this event, but it’s amazing that this mini nose has much power.

This sense is fully developed since the kitten just born. Born almost can not see or move, but his nose tells you where your mom and where is that tit for drinking milk.

It also depends on your sense of smell to survive. It’s your nose that distinguishes what their marked territory and if an enemy has crossed to try to seize it. Also know from their nose where the food of the day. A cat knows realengo distinguish between fresh food or it will hurt. Do not eat anything, your nose knows more than that. Another common case has to do with their litter box. Although box appears for you to be clean, your cat will decide whether it is clean enough to use it or not.

The effect also occurs in reverse. A cat stops eating, such as a senior cat, it indicates that your nose is not 100% healthy. If the cat can not smell your food, not going to eat. If you know your cat is healthy and the problem is that age does not smell much, caliƩntale your food a little to emphasize the smell of it and whet your appetite.

The Jacobson organ: This is a mechanism to capture odors that we do not. It is located on the roof of the mouth, behind the incisors. It consists of two fluid-filled sacs that connect to the nasal cavity. The cat opens its mouth and “smell” the environment. He seems to be smiling or something smells bad but actually is investigating surroundings and individuals in it. It is this body that the cat knows when you’ve been petting another cat, or if you have multiple cats at home, know what was away from home. Notes that cats may suddenly do not have the same relationship, the reason is that now one smells different and must start the process of knowing again.

The first instinct of the cat to find another cat is smell the face using his body Jacobson to know each other better. In the same way it is used to find a partner. The cat female releases pheromones, substances having a particular odor, especially when it comes into heat for the cat knows who to love. Part of its subtle perfume.

Changes color Nose: The nose colors in cats varies according to their races. They come in various colors such as black, orange and pink. Sometimes you can see a change in intensity in tone, especially in pink noses. What does this mean? In a healthy cat, change your nose hot pink to pale pink means a change in blood pressure caused by your mood. For example if you are running or playing aggressively your nose will be bright pink or instead is entering a new room in your house your nose will look pale because he is scared.

The environment where there is also a lot to do. A warm, dry nose may mean that the cat is healthy, but it can also mean you are dehydrated or have a fever. Also the opposite happens, a wet nose may mean that the cat has runny nose that is a sign of a cold. Either of these extremes are signs that your cat is sick and should be consulted with a veterinarian.