Tigers, lions, pumas: your cat’s cousins ​​and their similarities

Your cat is definitely the king of the house. The boss does not believe begins when you adopt, it is part of your feline heritage. Because even if you feel unique in its class, the domestic cat has larger cousins ​​and aggressiveness, but share the same attitude.

The similarities between your Pussycat and her cousins ​​tigers, lions, cheetahs and pumas are staggering. Genetic adapted them to their habitats, while keeping features intact.

• Body designed to hunt: The bone structure is almost identical cats and designed for the same purpose, be excellent hunters.

• All have 5 toes on their front and 4 on the hind legs. The exception is the six-toed cat.

• All walk like ballerinas on the tip of their feet to avoid making noise when walking and scare the prey.

• With the exception of the cheetah, all cats have the ability to hide your nails and remove them only when necessary.

• They share the same carnivorous diet: Your Pussycat no need to hunt for food, but your diet, equal to that of their cousins ​​in the jungle, remains strictly carnivorous.

• Marcan territory: Cats are very territorial. Neither likes to share his place. To keep everyone out of your area, urinates or defecates creating an odorous gate with message: “This place is mine.” The domesticated cat has the same habits, but learned that to sanitize your bedroom need to dial down considerably.

• Similar Schedule: The cat wakes you up at dawn and then sleep the rest of the day. It does to annoy, it has a purpose. Wild cats hunt dawn and dusk, when it is not so easy to be seen and their prey are not fully alert. His fabulous senses of sight and hearing gives them the advantage. Your cat has its assured food, but their customs remain.

• Colors as camouflage: The domestic cat comes in a variety of colors, some with spots or stripes; other solid color. His cousins ​​have similar colors that serve as camouflage to protect them from other dangers in their respective habitats.

• The lion lives in the African savannah, solid sand-colored confuses with the ground.

• The cheetah lives jungle, its spots mix it with the thick flora.

• Are purr or roar? Your purring pussycat. But this feature only shares the puma. The rest of his cousins ​​roar. The difference provides the hyoid bone. When it is made of cartilage it provides flexibility of movement, allowing the voice out loud as roar. But when pure bone, stability and prevents the sound we hear is the famous feline purr.

• Cousins ​​nearby: Of all their wild relatives, is the tiger who shares 95.6% of their DNA with your domestic cat. The number is staggering. You literally have a tiger at home. You are warned. Every man for himself.