Time to say goodbye

There is no way to soften this topic to write about the same causes tension. Is that few saddest moments in life when you have to make the decision to let your cat sleep forever. In your eyes as a mother or adoptive parent, that kitten is almost your son. The affection is immense. You know their looks, what each “meow” and what is the food that drives him crazy. Think of the day when you do not get to the door seems far away. But time passes.

Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine, today adopted cats living indoors may exceed 20 years. That’s a good long life sharing with you the good and the less good.

But death is part of life. Accidents happen, diseases develop. Typically you survive the cat but as a responsible owner must have an action plan, someone you trust and is willing to stay with your cat if a tragedy occurs.

The ideal situation is one where you survive the cat and he dies quietly in his sleep. But not everything in life comes as planned, you should be prepared for what to do when your cat needs that you release your discomfort. You understand your message, but how do you know if the time is right ?.

Reasons; • incurable condition: you take the cat to the vet and when performing several tests you are diagnosed with incurable condition such as hepatic lipidosis, heart disease or kidney failure. All are treatable to give the Pussycat a little more time with you. Depending on how you react to this can vary from weeks to years. But it will need your unconditional support. Making the decision to be willing to help involves long hours administering drugs to deal with an angry pussycat because does not want to bother, medical expenses continue to rise.

This is when having a veterinarian who knows your cat is important. Your opinion does not decide, but it helps your internal process. If the doctor does not convince you, do not take drastic decisions, better get a second opinion. It is time to accelerate processes, the life of your cat depends on you.

• Cat does not bathe: Having seen the dull and dirty hair is a sign that the cat is not healthy. Also when you are getting on in years. The senior cat is losing mobility and constantly bathing is difficult. You can help combing daily, but this does not change the reality that the years are passing.

• Lack of appetite. Do not drink enough water: You try to tempt him with tuna or salmon mixed with their food, even offering chicken you cooked manage an interest in food. To keep hydrated you have to throw water in his mouth using the dropper.

• Do not use the litter box: This is a symptom of many evils, age is one of them. Accidents happen occasionally, but when they become the norm something is wrong. If you have problems with movement and therefore can not reach the box notes. Go getting ready.

• Prefers sleep before play: The cat jumped to the highest cabinet to reach her toy now prefer to sleep all day and rest. Age has a lot to do, conditions like arthritis are affecting your bones. Like us, the cat is become slower, reflexes fail. The time comes when you do not want to move.

• Her gaze tells you: I have said on several occasions, no one knows your cat better than you. The relationship between you is strong, everyone knows how it feels to the other with just a look. If the Pussycat is suffering either sick or elderly, hear his call. He knows when it’s time to say goodbye.

Do not be selfish; You know that Pussycat is ready to sleep but can not find how to make the decision. Is completely normal to feel confused, it is not easy. But do not let your need to have you put forth his agony. Your kitten is asking you to help him get peace. Do not deny your desire. Be brave and make the call to the vet.

Give yourself time; Once you tell him goodbye, take your time. You are in mourning and have no mood to do much. You feel you have a vacuum that does not fill anything material. Miss your cat. You see it in every corner of your house. They are strong and very sad days. Looking good friends who have survived the trauma. Consultation in the veterinary and shelter support groups for the loss of a pet.

This is no time to surround yourself with people who deride the situation. Those who have not had the experience of living with pets may not understand your pain, many laugh as if it were ridiculous miss 4-legged animal. It’s not you, it’s them. Search positive people.

New joys at home; From experience I tell you the gap left your kitty across the other side does not fill any other cat. But the time comes when your heart needs to feel the joy that only a pet can provide you. And without much thought going to the shelter and looking at the faces in the cages you find a pussycat to take home. Another opportunity to write new stories. It is part of life, celebrate it.