Tips before giving a cat

Dates such as birthdays, Christmas and are marketed valentine gift. And what better to give a kitten! There is nothing more loving and lovable. It will be ideal for that person who you want to partner. But before running to the shelter to pick the Pussycat sure that the gift recipient has the desire, health and monetary capacity to accept responsibility. The amount of kittens adopted in shelters which are then returned because the person was not ready are enormous. Avoid tragedy.

For though for you life with cats is beautiful, it does not mean it is the same for all your loved ones. So before gifting it is better to ask. Here are some tips before making the decision

• Age of person: You may think that your grandmother is very lonely and needs company. It is proven that pets help lower blood pressure in addition to ward off depression. But before bringing a grandson of four-legged analyzes the specific situation: Your grandmother enjoys being at home or prefer to go for a walk?

These questions may seem silly, but honestly answer will prepare you to make the right decision. If you think yes would enjoy having a cat at home, the second step is to ask.

Once you decided to remain babies remember that kittens are irresistible, but are not always the best decision to adopt. These require a lot of energy and time to train them properly, something that someone older might not fancy. Consider adopting one adult or even more entradito in years. These enter the house with its defined and trained to use the litter box personality. The idea is to give happiness grandmother, not cause problems.

• Cat race or mixed: For many people, brands are important. This also includes pets race. If your girl (or boy) falls into this category, studying alternatives breeds of cats. These have their advantages and disadvantages Advantages; • His personality is defined by their race; • You have an almost guaranteed of how it will look Adult idea, Disadvantages; • Many races are conducive to disease: Know if the girl is willing to deal with this is basic, do not want him kicked out of the house when it begins to show signs of any condition;. • it costs a lot more money

NO ensnared: Many pet stores will try to sell a blended race one cat. Do not let convince. Investigates sellers in your area and make sure they comply with the laws required to sell cats breed with well-detailed papers.

• Personality of who gets the cat: Your girlfriend is dynamic and loves the party … it is not ideal for a cat that needs to be accompanied at all times candidate, such as the Siamese cat. Like in opposite cases, the bride enjoys being in quiet home reading a good book, definitely NOT need an energetic cat spend the day climbing the curtains and running from side to side. Ask questions due before adopting it.

The time of giving, you talk to the person and gave you the “YES” … to adopt a cat. Now your step is to prepare the way. Surprises are nice, but perhaps the gift recipient prefers to choose the Pussycat. To achieve Here are some steps to follow

• Fill the papers in advance: Go to the shelter, fill out the paperwork and pay for sterilization and vaccines it shows that you want to be part of the process. Give him all the information as to the desired person gift and tell her kitty is waiting for her at the shelter.

• If the person repents not see it as lost money. Your donation helps maintain a healthy and hoping to find a home where they want kitten.

• Prepare her for the arrival: All new equipment needed accessories. The cat is no exception. For the gift comes complete prepares a package with litter box (and age-specific arena Kitty), food, dishes and lots of toys.

Giving is better than receiving: Feel happy and proud to be giving joy to the person in need and an opportunity to live for that kitty shelter.