Travel without your cat

As you well know, domesticated cats live routinely. They do not like change. Always prefer to find everything in one place and wait for their food every day at the same time. But we humans need to vary the routine from time to time. For this we go on vacation. Whether for work, fun or moving, traveling is part of our life. Your cat does not accept it in his.

Just talk you plan to travel soon in front of your cat and notice that changes its behavior (mine puts his face “I’ll leave here alone?”). I do not know how they know, but it is. And not to mention when they see the suitcase out!

If you plan to go travel by car or plane, you have two choices: leave the cat at home or take it with you. The choice is yours.

Reasons to leave it at home

• If your cat is not sociable and prefers solitude

• It is quite old and the stress of travel can be a risk

• His health prevents him from traveling

• Your trip is business and you can not take it with you

• going to visit your grandmother who has 5 dogs inside the house

• Going on honeymoon and the cat is more

If your situation and your cat fall into any of these alternatives, you should consider leaving the cat at home. But who cares?

• A friend or relative: This alternative is the most positive it is someone responsible who fully trust. It is also very likely that your friend already knows the cat and its rules. It is also an economical solution, especially if your friend also has pets. You can agree that you will take care of your pets when he goes traveling. If the friend is to be one who does not know much about cats, I invite him to your house several times before going to learn the routine Pussycat.

• Nannies Cat (Pet-sitter): These are professionals who are responsible for caring for pets while their owners are away from home. Many of them not only take care of your cat also handle empty your mailbox and place the mail in your house, water the plants and lights to light up the house will not look as one. This service is not free of course. If you can pay, I recommend that you seek information and to interview candidates with enough time before making the decision. It’s hard to leave your cat in the hands of a stranger.

How to get them? It is best to have references from someone you trust who has used the person. Ask friends with pets. Also at the vet’s office probably they know of people dedicated to this and will give clear references of their services.

Prepare a list of questions for the pet-sitter. How many years have you been in the profession? Do you have certification and / or licensing? Who worked? Do you have pets own? Do you know well the city where you live and know how to get to the vet in case of emergency? How many pets are caring for once? The latter is important to know how long you will dedicate your kitten. If you have five more cats, it is very likely just go to your house, feed the cat, clean the litter box and there it is until the next day.

Use sixth feline sense. While possible conducts the interview at home with your cat. There you will see how prepared and especially how it treats the Pussycat. The language of both the person and the cat will tell you if you are interviewing the right person. If you notice that chemistry with your cat is not positive, maybe you should call another candidate.

• Pension for cats (Boarding): In this category you from the veterinary office that provides daily care and specific places where you can leave your pet while you’re traveling. Most it consists of separate areas for cats and dogs. Each area has a cat cage. Within this place their litter box, food, water and the toy you want to bring home to make you feel more comfortable. Unlike dogs which take a walk at least once a day, cats are kept inside their cage for the duration of the stay.

As with the pet-sitter is preferable that you check the locations and time references. Visit the sites and make the necessary questions. Try to know the team working at the site. Are they aware? Do you get fond of animals place? How animals are happy?

NOTE: If your cat is very antisocial and do not like to have other cats around, this alternative is not the best. If instead your cat happy adapts to any environment, it can be a solution.

The biggest advantage of these places is that they have 24 hour security. If your cat becomes ill or an emergency occurs, you know it will take action immediately.

• vaccinations: No matter what alternative you decided, having your cat with your shots a day should be the first item on your list. Remember that not be home to monitor their behavior. But knowing that the worst is vaccinated for diseases is a relief.

• Information for child care for your cat: Who is responsible for your Pussycat must have all your information in an emergency or to clarify any questions. Make a list of your cell phone number or perhaps your email. The name, telephone and address of the veterinarian. If your vet does not have emergency hours, look for one that provides these services and add that information to the list. It also includes the name and telephone number of someone you trust who communicate in case you are out of reach.

• Let him your vet information: Sounds a bit extreme, but it’s good that your veterinarian has your important data plus the number of a credit card approved the record of your cat. It is also a good idea to leave a letter stating that you allow this person to have your cat. An emergency arise and the person in charge of your cat has to go to the vet, you do not have to go through an approval process or try to get you. The veterinarian knows your cat, the case and have your approval to intervene to Pussycat.

• well identified Cat: Your kitten is in good hands, but not happy. His routine is a disaster and human favorite is not at home. It is here when you start planning the escape to a better situation. For this you must have it properly identified with a plate in his collar in addition to its microchip installed.

• To miss you less: Leave some unwashed shirts and put them in their sleeping areas. That perceive your scent and not feel so alone.