Visits, parties and cats

The reasons vary: a birthday party, Christmas celebrations or just a quiet evening with your favorite friends. The reason is the same, we are social beings and as such we like to receive friends at home. For us it is refreshing for your cat is a nightmare.

Why bother my cat?

• Remember that the cat is sacred routine. Any changes to your regular schedule of food, play and sleep leads him to change his behavior.

• The sense of smell of your pussy is 14 times stronger than yours. Feel new smells in areas well known causes anxiety.

Prepare your cat

Not always visits are planned, with these we can not work. But if it is a party with date indicated, it includes train your pussycat as part of your preparations

• If the visit is going to stay and the guest room is the place where your cat sleeps their morning nap, go changing your routine gradually giving a new place to sleep.

• Bring your favorite blanket and put it in his new room. DO NOT wash, leave her with her scent so the cat will feel more at home.

• Just as you did when you first came to your home, believe a safe area, with privacy door and go there by placing their food dishes, toys, blankets and sandbox.

• Dale affection: Reaffirms the place with signs of affection. Whenever the cat among his new room, reward him with love and / or a snack. Make him feel comfortable.

• If a party: The cat feel your behavior changes. more intense cleaning, nerves before the guests start arriving, all this causes anxiety in your cat.

• We return with the idea of ​​create you a secure room where nobody enters bother him. Follow the same steps as if the visits were staying.

• Try to follow the routine though the place has changed. Give your food at the same time, clean your litter box, enter occasionally to play with him. Make him see that it is still part of the family and that this situation does not change the relationship.

Why he is so shy: The cat in its natural environment is quiet and very private. Learn to socialize with other cats thanks to her mother. But there are causes that prevent lessons

• His childhood was a traumatic where he lost his mother very early

• Her mother never learned to be outgoing and failed to teach your kids

• The cat was abused in the hands of some cruel human

• The Pussycat was adopted from the street and is still getting used to his new life

Any of these circumstances make cat one you prefer your private space and rely only on their favorite humans.

gregarious cat vs anti-cat friends: No complete happiness. You have the joy of having a sociable cat who is not afraid to make new friends. But many of your friends do not understand the feline language and instead enjoy the moment and pet the cat, will flee or try to push him out of the area. THIS CAN NOT BE ALLOWED.

• Take action: Your friends know you have cats at home. It should not be a surprise. Talk to them clearly and instruct them if bothered by the cat, they feel confident and TU tell you take care to resolve the situation. This prevents the Pussycat change its attitude to a more aggressive in using your teeth or nails to explain their discomfort.

• Do not punish the cat: The Pussycat being friendly and does not understand why you’re angry with him. You’ll see it as an offense and begin to get away from you because you relate to punishment.

• You need your space: The cat is the soul of the party, but need their private spaces to recharge batteries. Whether in your safe room or do not want to leave the party, his favorite scratching post. Watch the party keeps up to date and still feel like the king of the event.