Weaning or separation of the kitten

Question: Weaning or separation of the kitten

It is known as weaning the transition phase in which the kitten stops taking milk from his mother and begins to eat solid foods and preparing for independence. Mama Cat is who dominates the process when it begins to refuse to give the kitten milk so force him to learn to find their food.

If the kitten is part of your family, either because the mother is yours or that you adopted a baby, congratulations are part of the event. Enjoy it.

When the process begins: When the kitten meets its 4 weeks old and has the ability to see and can walk without wobbling a lot. This is the time to start independent. The process lasts 4 to 6 weeks. In fulfilling their 10 weeks, the kitten should already eating and your needs alone.

If the kitten is orphan: If you are raising an orphaned kitten can start the process to its 3 weeks.


What you need to begin; • Substitute milk for cats: NEVER use cow’s milk for kittens, they cause diarrhea and stomach problems. Milk replacer is achieved in any cat supply store and many supermarkets.

• Water Dish

• medium-sized flat plate: to practice eating alone.

• sand box flat and newsprint: To make the simplest weaning, places a plain box so you can get in and out easily. The legs of the kittens are still very soft and trying to cover their regular sand deposits will cause physical damage besides possible infections.

• Patience

What is weaning; • Remember that the process takes 4 to 6 weeks.

• The first thing to know is that this process should not be forced. If both the kitten and the mother are not prepared, you give them your time. A kitten is separated from his mother to force it develops traumas that will prevent learn to properly socialize. Nobody wants a cat to live scared. Leave him alone. Still it has lessons to learn from mom.

• If mother cat gives permission, the kitten starts taking you to another room in the house for a few hours. The room should have its plain sand box and food bowl. If you think mom will not be happy, she waits a few days. Go increasing the amount of time they spend apart until all become accustomed to their separate lives.

• To feed the kitten: In shallow dish pour some milk replacer. It takes a bit of it in your fingers and give the kitten a chance to smell your hands. When you are intrigued, keep your fingers until the dish of milk. The kitten now know their new food source. If you choose to play in addition to eating the dish it is not who is doing evil. He is also learning to explore. Everything is new and everything is game and what better toy milk their new dish!

Do not force to take the plate. Sucking milk it can cause pneumonia or other respiratory problems. Be patient.

NOTE: You may already be eating but the dish still want to nurse. Let go to your mom, she’ll give you two options: to feed it or reject it. Mama Cat is wise and make the right choice.

• From milk to dry food: Ya kitten milk easily take your plate. The next step is accustom to eat solid food. To this mix now includes milk replacer with special canned food for kittens. It combines food until the consistency is similar to oats.

According to the kitty you get used to eat his new mix, milk removing see it until leaving only canned food.

• To meet its 8 to 10 weeks, the kitten should already be fully adapted eating canned or dry food (especially for kittens), using his litter box and drinking fresh water without problems.