When the cat vomits

The action of vomiting is not necessarily signal danger when it comes to the cat. It is the natural way to eliminate that bothering you inside. normal reasons for vomiting include; • Eating too quickly; • After a good cleaning needs to eliminate hairballs and famous; • Food is very hot or very cold; • intense play after eating

In all these situations the cat vomits and continues its normal routine without problems.

Acute vomiting: Now if vomiting continues for several hours is reason to take him to the vet emergency. The cat is dehydrated (dehydrated cat) and the situation quickly becomes one of life or death.

Other reasons that lead the cat to vomit often are; • has swallowed some inappropriate object as wool yarn or sheet of a poisonous plant; • Changes in your diet; • reaction to a chemical used to clean the home; • Reaction anti-flea treatment; • Parasites in the gut

It also includes much more serious situations; • pancreatitis; • Hepatitis; • kidney failure; • irritation of the intestines

Notes before taking him to the vet: The diagnosis will be easier to achieve if the vet has an idea of ​​the circumstances that led to his cat episode of acute vomiting; • When started vomiting. Before or after eating? What then a session of intense games? Was he alone at home; • Frequency of vomiting; • Color and consistency vomiting: clear or colored, yellowish red (if possible, collect a sample); • If the cat does not have energy; • Cat will not eat or drink water

Treatment: The veterinarian will take into account all your notes and examine the cat; • If you find a passing event, prescribe a liquid diet to relieve digestive system; • If the cat is very dehydrated is injected liquid vein… In most cases, the cat spends the night in the veterinary hospital. • If the reason is more serious as inflamed intestines or stomach ulcers treatments ranging from antibiotics and changes in diet to surgery.