When the cat will not eat

The cat has a routine for everything, including food. He does not like change it? When we talk about food, the Pussycats are divided into two main categories; • Those who can eat the same kind of food for years without losing sleep; • demanding Those who prefer the taste change several times a year

If your cat falls into the second category, you’re already used to look for taste occasionally. But if the pussycat is those who eat the same thing every day and suddenly not want to eat, something is happening. It is time to observe and record details.

Lack of food is dangerous for your health: There are many reasons why the cat stops eating. None is recommended;. • When the cat does not eat, your body begins to use fat reserves to keep your energy processing them through the liver. Proteins need to be achieved. If the amount of fat exceeds protein, liver works overtime causing failures.

• You can have a Abscess in his mouth: Cat related discomfort in his mouth with food and stop eating thinking that the pain will pass. Check your teeth and gums.

• Respiratory problems: His nose is powerful. If this fails and you can not smell your food is not going to eat. Watch their breaths or if you have nasal secretions.

With this I want to tell you that the cat needs to eat. Do not take this game. If the Pussycat refuses to try food, take it to the vet to rule out a health problem.

• Changes in the environment cause anxiety: If the veterinarian decides that no symptoms of disease, the problem is at home. Take note of any changes in your home, no matter how small. Moving furniture, arrival of a new member to the family or perhaps something much more intense as moving. All these changes break the routine of cat and this shows their anger by not eating.

• Seek him taste: All we share with cats we desvivimos to keep them happy. Go step; • Caliéntale food: if you keep canned food in the refrigerator, heat it in the microwave for a few seconds. Nobody likes cold food; • Add a little liquid from canned tuna to their usual food. Maybe what you need is an extra to their usual dish to whet your appetite seasoning. But do not make it a routine. The fish is not healthy for your diet.

• Cat is more oldie: The passing of time is not wasted. You always fed dry food, but now it is more advanced in years prefer something softer;. • Try adding the liquid from tuna to their dry food;. • Change your diet to a canned food. Make sure it is appropriate for their age and weight. Colócale their food from another plate provided with the new food. Ve eliminating amount of dry food each day and adds more new. Let get used gradually creating a new routine.

• New Dishes: How long you have the same dish; • Wash the dish: Nobody likes to eat from a dirty plate with unpleasant odors. Wash your plate several times a week; • new dishes. Maybe because the dishes have fulfilled their mission and must be changed. Especially if they are plastic, eventually they lose their surface.