Where to get your cat

Adopting a street cat is a charity, and although it is recommended, there also admit that not always have a happy ending. Many street cats suffering from incurable diseases and traumas in their behavior very difficult to overcome. Learn about other methods of adoption which will guarantee a healthy kitten.

Shelter: The ideal And with this win solution twice! You’re not only saving euthanasia that cat or kitten to adopt but also the vaccinated and neutered you take two expenses you do not have to incur. Many shelters have a policy of “no kill” possible pets, others do not think alike. Does not mean that mistreat animals, they simply have too many and it is impossible to keep them all healthy and ready for adoption. But do not take refuge in politics, the most important thing is that you adopt the cat look happy and healthy. That intuition “that’s my kitty” is the final decision.

Shelters can be directed by the government, non-profit organizations or wealthy philanthropists, but are operated by volunteer employees. People like you who want the animals and works to get them a home where they are happy. Talk to them, ask questions, study your possibilities and, above all, thank Him their devotion to the cause. It is not an easy job, but they do heart.

Pet Store: These have been under fire associations for the protection of animals kittens or puppies buy people dedicated to mating animals for profit and without any quality control. For this reason many pet stores today prefer to donate space to shelters or foster homes nonprofit and that they can bring their cats and dogs for adoption. Of course, the store also win, because once you adopt your kitty are the ideal place to make all basic needs (and fun) place your cat needs.

Your friend or family: This case happens very often: your co-worker has a cat with five kittens and they are looking for home. Is someone you know, it seems to be a responsible owner, why not adopt one of the kittens? In most cases the kittens are healthy and well cared for. But there are cases where the cat was never vaccinated and she and her kittens may be sick. Before you get attached with photo kitten and saying “I love you”, ask questions about the health of his mother and if possible, turn to him first. You may even be sick, the disease is curable and your cat live happily for years, but it’s something you should know before making the decision.