Why does my cat bring dead animals on my door?

Question: Why does my cat bring dead animals on my door?

Having a cat brings surprises. Their behavior is different from other pets and occasionally leaves us confused. Like when you bring a dead bird or rodent. What does this mean?

The first thing to understand is that the cat is innate hunter. It is an integral part of your feline instinct and since the cat is cat is your way to find sustenance. And this instinct does not diminish depending on where you live, so does the street cat like the cat that lives comfortably in your home.


They learn Mom: Mama Cat handles teach them to hunt when they are small. Training includes patiently observe the movements, catch prey, kill and consume food.

Now your cat has always food available, but the lessons learned are not forgotten. This behavior leads experts to infer two theories. Both have likeness concern that you feed.

Theory 1. You are an evil hunter The first theory indicates that the cat brings prey because it has been observed that are not the best hunter and you worry that you starve. All that information that comes in its DNA and learned from his mother convinces him that he has to take care of you. You are the weak individual litter. The cat wants to teach you as his mom taught him.

Theory 2. It brings a gift; This theory is based on the cat makes deploying their skills as a hunter and thanks for being part of your family, you flatters your prey for that, again, you do not die of hunger.

Watch your reactions: No matter the reason Pussycat brings the gift, the cat is always watching your reaction. Normal is scream and run. And we understand, it is not pleasant to find a dead bird or mouse to your door. But without realizing it you’re hurting your feelings. The cat is giving away something that you think you need and see it in very poor taste that will not thank his intention.

So even disgust try to seize, be strong and give affection to Pussycat. Say “thank you” and reward him with caresses or a snack.

The dam is cloth: For cats living indoors is more difficult to hunt live animals. But his instinct needs to be sated and often “hunt” one of his toys and you leave it with catnip watered the ground. This situation is not as traumatic and reward for his feat is easier.

Is there any way to prevent this from happening? No, as we explained it is part of being a cat. But you can avoid that victims are birds or animals that live in your garden: Keep the cat indoors. Not only do you avoid problems with angry neighbors, also helps to keep your cat healthy. Hunting has its dangers, the victim may fight before falling exhausted and a good peck bird or mouse bite cause serious infections.