Your cat’s whiskers

It is known as whiskers on those long, thick, flexible hairs on the cat’s face. You may notice the clearly formed in horizontal lines around her nose and mouth. They are also found in smaller numbers as eyebrows over his eyes, chin and the back of his forelegs.

Perhaps you’ve found with some lying on the ground at some point. This will not be concerned as whiskers, as nails, fall and are replenished by new ones.

What are they for? The scientific name of the whiskers is vibrissae which means recognizing the slightest movement or vibration of air around it.

Mustaches have 3 functions

• Navigation: Do not you ever ever wondered what your cat is not encountered with anything? The root of the mustache is well inside the Pussycat face in areas of many nerves and blood vessels with immediate connection to the brain. This makes them sensitive to any change in the environment. And with changes I mean for example a simple movement of air between the dining room chairs.

• Instrument to Measure: The length of the whiskers equals the size of your cat creating a perfect measure. So the cat measures opening the door, window, gate, etc. to see if can pass or jump smoothly.

They also help when hunting. Especially at night when they do not see very closely. Whiskers become guide system providing information on the extent of the dam in order to capture and give the fatal bite smoothly.

• mood indicator: The cat whiskers can move in different directions, each is indicative of his mood.

Whiskers stretched back: angry cat wanting to attack, mustaches down and forward: relaxed and happy cat, tense mustaches forward: cat ready for hunting or aggressive

NO cuts whiskers: ignorant people take it as a joke. But a cat without whiskers is one difficulty moving and no sense of balance. Without their cat whiskers indicating direction stumbles yet and it is very difficult to stand. A cruel game that you should never allow.

whiskered curiosities

• Cats Breeds cornish rex Devon and have curly whiskers. DO NOT try to stretch them. They serve perfectly.

• If you notice your uncomfortable when eating can be because the dish is very narrow and their whiskers touch the sides cat. This will cause discomfort. Changes to a wider plates to eliminate their discomfort.